Whether doing good or bad, be the boss


Just one chance. In the animation, these detailed key animation cuts from Attack on Titan episode 8 were panned over and flashed by in the blink of an eye. Sometimes it just seems crazy how much work goes into scenes that we can hardly delineate.


me trying to make friends




In my garden (13)

Praktica LTL3 & Ferrania Solaris 200 expired April2009.

“We live in a shockingly beautiful world. We are walking through the living kingdom of heaven every day; the colours, the sound, the love of others, the potential to create, the plants, wildlife, nature, music, all sensations and life…but if we refuse to see colour and beauty we may as well be in Hell. Maybe an animated band was the best way of announcing this.” 


down by the river by Marvin Bredel on Flickr.


T. Dylan Moore

“E’er yet the Pine descended to the Seas: 
E’er Sails were spread, new Oceans to explore: 
And happy Mortals, unconcern’d for more,
Confin’d their Wishes to their Native Shoar.
No Walls were yet; nor Fence, nor Mote, nor Mound,
Nor Drum was heard, nor Trumpet’s angry sound:
Nor Swords were forg’d; but void of Care and Crime
The soft Creation slept away their time.”





makoto and rei have The Thighs

forget the thighs, look at that shelf of a bum rei has !

Is everyone just gunna ignore the bulges

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